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an approximate period guide to help you choose your station nameboard livery.

circa 1890's ~ 1930 - Black letters on white board.

note: terminus station nameboards in the mid to late of this period sometimes had nameboards that matched the station building and coinciding trim colours i.e. cream, mission brown, dark greens, whites, light and dark reds and various browns.

the main board would be painted the main colour of the building and the letters painted in the high light colours of the station.

circa 1930 ~ 1960 - white letters on black board.

circa 1960 ~

station nameboards now varied in colour;  particularly in country and regional areas.  colour schemes were mainly based off the colour scheme the individual station was painted.  traditional liveries also still existed in many areas.

suburban livery had been introduced during this period in brisbane; the majority of suburban brisbane station nameboards were painted with yellow (gold) letters on a blue board. this would seem to coincide with the new diesel locomotive deliveries and their new corporate livery.

repainting of station infrastructure occoured approximately every thirty years



individual cast aluminium letters are available in 6" and 4" (150mm & 100mm)

ideal for making your own custom sign or for completing those missing letters in your collection.

'BANYO' Railway Station Nameboard Restoration


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Our nameboards are made for outdoor life, durable and long lasting.

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  • All hand brush painted with Dulux Acrylic all weather paint.

  • Letters are etched primed and durable enamel paint applied.

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